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Protect Your Deck From All Kinds Of Weather

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When you have a deck, you want to keep it protected from the sun and moisture. Ensure your deck is preserved under all kinds of weather by following a few simple maintenance tips.

Stain or seal your deck

A wooden deck should never be left exposed to the elements for more than 3 months. The longer your deck sits without a proper stain or sealant, the more likely it is to resist any kind of coating. This leads to premature peeling, thin and uneven coating, or areas of your deck that won't "take" at all. Choose a stain or sealant for your deck that can protect it against harmful ultraviolet rays, heat, and foot traffic. You can stain your deck in a natural wood hue, or opt for other popular colors, including:

  • forest green
  • brick red
  • slate gray
  • coal black

Before you stain or seal your deck, allow the fresh wood to dry out for a few weeks. This helps ensure the stain will take, and helps prevent any moisture damage. Do not stain your deck in colder or wet seasons, as this can cause your results to be lackluster due to the weather and moisture content in the air.

Deck waterproofing

If you live in an area that receives a lot of moisture, an all-around stain or sealant may not protect your wood completely. Without proper waterproofing, your deck can warp, mold, or even rot out. This can lead to overall deterioration and cause your surface to become unsafe for daily use. Prevent this from happening by choosing a waterproof stain or sealant. Most deck sealants and stains contain waterproofing additives. You can check your deck to see how waterproof it is by dribbling a few drops of water on the wood's surface. If the droplets remain where they are, then your deck is likely well-protected. If they run or seep into the wood, then an additional coating of stain or a waterproof sealant is needed.

Check your deck every few years to see if staining or waterproofing is required. Signs you need to reseal your deck include:

  • dry or peeling wood
  • uneven wood coloring
  • water seeping into your deck
  • wood turning silver or gray

It really is quite simple to protect your deck against the heat, sun, stains, and moisture. A great stain or waterproofing sealant applied as needed is all you have to do to help maintain a beautiful deck for years.

For more information, contact Hallmark Waterproofing Inc. or a similar company.