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Using Sand At Home

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There are many companies that deliver large quantities of sand, gravel, stone, and other building materials to construction sites on a regular basis. What you may not realize, however, is that many of these companies will also drop off a bag or two of desired materials at your home. So, even if you're not working on some huge construction project, you may be able to get the materials you need delivered right to your door. It never hurts to call up your local delivery company and ask.

Sand is one of the most commonly requested materials among average homeowners, and it has so many great uses that it's easy to see why.

Clean Up an Oil Spill

Oil spills and leaks can leave behind unsightly splotches. Plus, they can also be dangerous, especially if a child or pet comes into contact with the spilled material. Fortunately, with a little sand, you can clean that spill right up.

When you have sand on hand, all you have to do is heap it onto the spill. The sand will soak it right up, and then you can simply sweep away the wet sand and the oil stain with it. 

Strengthen a Pool Filter

A few grains of sand placed in a pool filter media can really strengthen the filter and help it to clean and purify pool water even more thoroughly. Before you try this trick, make sure your particular filter is compatible with sand by reading the owner's manual.

If it is, then be sure to request sand specifically made for pool filters when you put in your order. Most companies keep a special type of sand, designed just for this purpose, on hand.

Hold Candles in Place

If you're someone who regularly burns candles, you'll love this trick: place sand at the bottom of the candle holder. It will help to hold your candle firmly in place, which not only makes for a stronger light source but also reduces fire hazards. If a candle won't get blown over or around, the flame isn't likely to catch on undesired objects where it could start a fire.

Get a Steady Grip

If you have an item that needs to be repaired or checked out, but you're having a hard time holding it steady, sand is the answer. Pack or bury the bottom part of any object in sand, and it won't go anywhere! The sand will hold it firmly in place so you can get the job done.

As you can see, there are many uses for sand in and around the home. Try these uses or think up some new ones! Contact an aggregate company, such as Floyd Preston Limited, for more options and ideas.