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Say "Thanks" To Your Construction Crew With These Techniques

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The construction crew working on your home has a lot of responsibility to ensure not only that the renovation project is done right, but also that your space is safe and functional once their job is done. Of course, paying for the work to be done is plenty of appreciation in itself, but it is nice to say thanks using a personal touch too. Here are a few fun ideas to consider:

Coconut Water Coolers

Every construction worker enjoys cooling off and hydrating up during a tough day at the job site. Water should be provided by the company you hire, but there is no reason why you can't go the extra mile and offer up something tasty to take the edge off on those heavy labor days.

Coconut water is full of electrolytes that are hydrating, and it complements the flavor of juices, teas, or other types of drinks you might be interested in serving. Water from coconuts also helps to cut down on the sugars in juice and the caffeine in tea to achieve a more balanced refreshment that keeps the crew going without the energy crash afterward.

Simply mix equal parts coconut water with juice, tea, coffee, or lemons to create hydrating coconut water coolers. Adding a little ice will keep the coolers chilled, but it can water down the liquid, so the ice should be counted as part of the coconut water when combining the liquids for your coolers.

A Little Bit of Shade

When the sun is beating down on the construction workers who are remodeling your home, you may find that their work slows down somewhat as they try to maintain their stamina and fight against dehydration. A good way to keep everyone on track and offer some much-needed sun relief is to provide a little extra shade where it is needed.

A couple of popup canopies are all it takes to get workers out of the sun during breaks and when they work without any other available shade to rely on. The canopies can be set up just about anywhere – even on the roof – which makes it easy to customize the amount and location of shade when it is needed. 

A Few Recommendations

If you are happy about the job done on your remodeling project, recommending the services to your friends and family is an excellent way to offer some appreciation to the company that did the job. Don't forget to have your friends and family tell the company that you sent them, as it might just result in a small discount the next time you need more work done!

These ideas will help you ensure that your construction crew feels appreciated without having to spend an arm and a leg in the process. You can always directly ask companies like Bonvanie Construction Ltd for more tips!