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2 Creative Uses For Old Wooden Fences

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If you are ripping out your old wooden fence so that contractors can install something newer you might wonder what you should do with the old fencing. Sure, you have the option to ask the fencing contractors to get rid of it for you, or you can make a big pile and burn it. However, why do either of those things when there are better options? Take a moment to check out the following creative uses for old wooden fences to see what you might be able to throw together.

Indoor Decorative Signs

Take some individual wooden planks and sand them down so that the surface is smooth. You have the option of leaving the old paint on it so that it has that old worn look to it, or paint it a fresh new color. Either way, you can paint quotes, family names, or anything else you want on the decorative signs. Once the paint has completely dried, flip it over and attach picture frame hooks so that you will be able to easily hang it anywhere in the house. Make a few for yourself, as gifts for family and friends, or even some to sell for some spare cash.

Photo Frames

Take a few wooden posts and nail them together, side-by side, so that the front where you will attach the photos is nice and flush. Cut the planks along the top and bottom with a circular saw so that you have not only the size you want, but so that both ends will be perfectly level. After cutting the ends with the saw, make sure that you are taking some sand paper and sanding the cut edges a little so that they are smooth. You might also want to then lightly sand the surface where you will be attaching the photos.

Paint, stain, or decorate your new photo frame however you want. Then stick the corner photo holders from your local craft store on the photo frame. With these corner holders, you will be able to easily replace the photos whenever you life, without having to worry about damaging the photos themselves.

With these few ideas in mind, you should have no trouble making sure that you are putting that old wooden fence to good use. Pick one, both, or come up with your own ideas and get to work. The sooner you start your projects, the sooner you will no longer have to deal with that old pile of wood in your yard.