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What Are Fire Doors And Do You Need One?

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If you are in the process of constructing a building, you may want to know what fire doors are, especially if building in a high fire risk area. This is because fire doors can help to keep you, your building, and those inside of the building safe, and it can lower your insurance costs, as well. Here's what you should know about fire doors to determine whether or not they are right for your building:

How Protective are Fire Doors? Fire doors work by delaying the spread of fire, which means that a fire from outside of your building will not easily be able to make its way past the doors. Plus, fire doors have a smoke seal that ensure smoke won't easily make its way into the room you are in. Smoke is one of the most dangerous parts about fire since people cannot breathe in smoke-filled air.

There are Requirements: When it comes to the construction of buildings and apartments, there are requirements that determine where fire doors must be installed and whether or not your particular building is in need of them. For example, fire doors are almost always required to be in the kitchen and any room with a fireplace. So for the construction of your building, you may consider placing more than one fire door if you have a fireplace.

Fire Doors are Certified: It is best to choose fire doors for your building that have been certified, since not all have to be. This means that the door was tested and approved by a fire safety department to ensure that the door truly does work and will keep everyone safe. 

You Can Design It: There isn't just one design for the fire doors that you can choose from. There are multiple designs, including a single door with a frame or a double door with a frame. You can even make it more customized by adding windows, and more. This ensures that it looks good with your building and adds value instead of taking away from it.

By knowing what fire doors are and what they have to offer, you can be more comfortable adding one to your building, which is important if your building is located in a high-risk fire area. Keeping your family safe is important, so when constructing your building, be sure to consider the addition of fire doors where needed, such as in the kitchen.