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Protecting Your Vehicles And Property - A Guide To Road Maintenance

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If you have commercial or residential property that needs private roadways, you know that those roadways are a serious investment. It's important, then, to take all the steps you can to protect that investment and guarantee that your important roads remain solid and passable for as long as they possibly can.

Below, you'll find a guide to some important steps you should take to maintain your private roadways. While a professionally-constructed asphalt road can handle a great deal of punishment, using it intelligently is a great way to guarantee that you don't fall into a cycle of expensive repairs that could plague you for years to come:

Limit Load Size

Many people may not consider the way that the weight of loads can affect a road. Asphalt is comprised of immense numbers of small component parts, and when under extreme pressure, the asphalt is susceptible to splintering and cracking. Having a road under constant travel from very heavy vehicles is a great way to wear it down very quickly.

One way to avoid these concerns is to limit the distance traveled on your roadways. Try to put trash containers near the boundaries. Consider a receiving area down a short drive. The preventative maintenance that you can accomplish by designing your property intelligently is almost more valuable than any other step you can take.

Control Drainage

Over long periods of time, the erosion caused by water will carve rivers in the earth and dramatically alter any landscape. This means that water standing on or rushing in to your roadway puts it uniquely at risk, and can cause damage that can be very difficult to reverse.

The best way to keep your road clear of water is to make sure you have adequate drainage. Make sure that your road is constructed with the proper grade and with deep enough run off ditches on either side. This will guarantee that it remains undamaged as well as relatively dry and consistently easy to pass. You may have to speak with excavating contractors for help to create properly-sized ditches.

Clearing Debris

Road debris can cause damage to vehicles, long delays, and breaking or chipping of your pavement. For all of these reasons, it's important to clear away debris on a consistent basis. While you should stop and remove large pieces when you see them, you should also consider engaging a professional street sweeping service. This will allow you to clear away the small pieces that you may not be able to see, but which may still offer sincere challenges to your road's longevity.