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Revamp Your Backyard And Entertain

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If you have purchased a home with an old damaged deck, no landscaping, and no space to entertain, you need to make over your backyard. The backyard should be your private oasis, not a place you're embarrassed to show people.

There are a few changes you can make to create an entertaining area where you can spend family time, and have friends over with pride. Here are a few practical things you want to consider adding to your yard.


Adding a deck is a great way to provide an area for conversation, lounging, dining and more. You can get a deck with built in benches for seating, flower boxes and a space for a grill. There are composite decking materials that won't require any maintenance, and that will look great for years. The composite decking won't be affected by water and weathering, and they won't cause splinters, rot, or warp.

Have a professional like Think Beast come to the home to give you an estimate, and to show you different potential deck layouts that will go with your home and property. You also may want to get a cost for the price of a pergola.


A pergola will provide shade throughout the day, without making you feel enclosed. It's a great way to outline a definitive eating area or conversing area on the deck, and you can get it in the same color as your deck. You can also grow vines and greenery around the pergola. It's also a stunning decorative item to have on your deck or a patio.


Do you avoid going out in the yard because there is no privacy, and you feel like your neighbors could be watching you? You can get some mature trees from a local nursery to break up the view. You can also add some privacy pine trees, or a privacy fence. Privacy fencing is a great way to make your home less visible, and it's also a great safety feature for homeowners.

Adding lush greenery, flowers and some lighting to the back of the house is also going to help enhance the yard. Improving the back yard is going to make you more likely to get outside and it's going to improve the value of your home. Talk with a fencing company and some local landscape or construction professionals to see what changes you can make around the yard.