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The Energy-Saving Benefits Of Window Film Vs. Thermal Curtains

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Windows are the achilles heel of your heating system. As fast as your furnace can create heat, your windows can allow that heat to leak right out of your house. Even if you have double-pane windows, you are not getting the full insulating benefits that you should. Thus, you need to find ways to improve your windows' heat retention. Thermal curtains are one answer that can help to reduce your utility costs, and window films are another.

An Analysis of Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains will create a wall of insulation in front of your window. Typically, thermal curtains will contain a layer of insulating foam and a second layer of metal foil. The foam will help to trap heat from your house before it has a chance to escape through your windows, and the metal film will reflect heat back into your home even as it reflects any cold seeping through your windows back to your windows. A good set of thermal curtains can help to reduce your heating costs by 10% or more. One disadvantage of thermal curtains is that they will block the view from the world, so you may feel isolated from the outside world. 

An Analysis of Window Film

If you don't want to block off your view of the outside world, you should consider using window films. Window film is installed similarly to the way that tint is installed on car windows. The difference is that the window film for your home should be less noticeable than the tint on your car windows. Even if the film isn't noticeable, it can still have a big effect on your heating and cooling bills. Window film contains a layer of reflective material that will deflect heat back into your home during the winter and reflect the sun's UV rays away from your home during the winter. In this way, window film can help to reduce your utility bills by up to 23%. For more information, contact a company like Alberta Tinting & Graphic Services.

While any option is better than bare windows, you should, as a homeowner, choose whichever window covering allows you to save the most on your utility bills. While both thermal curtains and window film are impressive on their own, you can maximize your savings by using them in tandem. Even if you only pull your thermal curtains closed at night, you will still be able to save a lot of money on your heating costs.