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Six Ways To Save Money On Your Kitchen Cabinets

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If you've been considering remodeling your kitchen, you know that cabinets can eat up a large portion of your budget. Fortunately, there are ways to keep the amount you spend on cabinets in check...if you know where to look.

Ways to save on kitchen cabinets

1. Have your cabinets refaced instead of replaced. Replacing the doors and the edges that face out on your cabinets, called refacing, can give your kitchen an entire new look at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire cabinets. Plus, unless you're changing the layout of your kitchen, you won't even have to remove the cabinets from the walls. This is a good choice if your cabinets are structurally sound, but just look dated.

2. Consider only switching the hardware. Sometimes all it takes is a coat of paint and new hardware for your kitchen cabinets to look like new again. New drawer pulls and door handles can be had for just a few dollars and will liven up your room.

3. Opt for prefabricated cabinets. Another way to save on kitchen cabinets, if you decide to replace the entire units, is to buy prefabricated cabinets instead of custom-designed ones. These are already finished and put together. You only have to hand them on the wall or secure them to a custom-built base.

4. Apply your own finish. A good part of the expense of kitchen cabinetry is the finish. If you have the time and skill to apply your own stain and finish, you can save significantly on the total price of your cabinets.

5. Think twice about the fancy extras. There are a lot of intriguing, custom-made options when you're looking through the cabinetry sales brochure. However, things like drawer inserts, extra shelves and fancy functions can add a lot to your final bill. For instance, a Lazy Susan can add up to $1,500 to the cost of your new cabinets.

6. Donate your old cabinets. If your cabinets are in good shape, but you just don't like them anymore, you can get a tax deduction for them (and keep them out of Canada's landfills) by donating them to an organization like Habitat for Humanity that can use them in their remodeling efforts or sell them to raise money.

Saving money on your kitchen remodeling project doesn't have to mean skimping on style. Consider refacing, replacing the hardware and/or choosing prefabricated cabinets to lower your expenditures. To learn more, contact a company like Millbrook Cabinetry Custom Cabinets.