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Rectify Your Roofing Issues With Help From A General Contractor

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Roofing issues can cause a lot of property damage and homeowner grief if left unaddressed; talk with general contractors about getting problems resolved sooner, rather than later. There are a few common issues that may arise, and that could be resolved affordably, without having to replace your home's entire roof.

Some common roofing issues and resolutions include the following:

Failed flashing.

Perhaps the most common reason why a roof leaks or is showing signs of deterioration is bad flashing. Flashing is used around vents, chimneys, and walls, to prevent water from running down into seams and becoming trapped inside your home's structure. Check flashing in these areas to determine if water is getting inside the walls and bones of your home, causing rot and decay.

Shingle scapegoat.

Just because a roof is leaking doesn't mean it is due to the shingles. Shingles often get a bad rap when it comes to leaks and water damage in the home. Typically, shingles don't cause leaks when they become damaged or deteriorated, and more likely the issue stems from the spaces where the shingles end, such as near chimneys, vents, and walls, so check these first before you re-shingle your roof.

Chimney conundrums.

If your chimney wasn't properly flashed, your roof can begin to deteriorate and leak. There are a few steps involved in flashing a chimney, including running flashing up the sides of your chimney and around where the flashing meets the shingles. If roofers or homeowners attempt to take short-cuts during construction, the flashing may be bad and the roof will eventually leak.

Gawky gutters.

Water can slosh up and out of your gutters, accumulating under the eaves of your home and causing rot to occur. Prevent the potential damage by replacing missing gutter aprons, which are the segment that fits over the top of the gutter, under the edge of your roofing shingles. Secure the gutter apron in place by adding a bit of epoxy or roofing cement under the shingles every couple of feet.

Hail havoc.

Shingles typically have a gritty, asphalt facade that can deteriorate during hail or severe storms. This will allow the rays of the sun in, which will destroy shingles over time. Many contractors will offer roofing inspections that can determine if hail is compromising your home's shingles, and it is the best way to resolve this issue before leaks ensue.

Talk with a professional general contractor, like Superior Buildings & Design Ltd, about cost-effective solutions to your roofing problems. It is better to address these issues now, rather than wait and risk further home and property damage. Some issues may be as simple as replacing the flashing or cleaning your gutters!