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Choosing The Best Light Tower For Your Oil Field

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Choosing the right light tower for an oil field project is a crucial aspect of safety. Here are some of the most important considerations for your light tower. 

Number of Contact Points

Some models of light towers will come with only three stabilizing points, while the more robust models have five or more points of contact to keep them from blowing over. Consider your weather conditions; in coastal oil rigs, it may be more important to choose the option with five stabilizers. 

Light Position and Configuration

In order to choose a light tower with the proper configuration, you must consider your spacial constraints. A vertical-only light tower may seem less stable, but if you have a smaller space constraint, it may be safer to keep your pathways clear and choose the light tower with the smallest spacial impact. 

The light position is also affected by your workers' activities. A system with downward facing lights is great if you need to reduce the glare on your machinery. Other parts of your operations may be better served by less direct lights that can be repositioned to provide visibility in all directions. 

High Light Output

Some of the newest light towers can create an output of over 1,000 watts, which improves much greater visibility over the older models of light towers. Upgrading to a newer, more powerful lighting system can be a big hit to your budget, but it's often worth it in terms of the safety improvements. A light tower rental company may be your best bet for accessing new, robust equipment for your site. 

Higher Color Rendering Index

The color rendering index is a statistic that shows how well a light source can illuminate color nuances, when compared with a natural light source. When you choose a light tower that has a high color rendering index, you can help your workers discriminate different objects more clearly in the dark, which can prevent accidents when the wrong buttons are pressed or the workers miss small visual details that lead to an accident. Especially when workers are working high up on an oil rig, those subtle color differences between the tower and the open air can make all the difference in preventing a fall. 

You have many different options when choosing and operating a light tower for your oil field. Use the tips listed above to make decisions that balance productivity and safety. Click here for more information on Grand Prairie oilfield rentals.