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Four Tips For Quality Glass Railing Maintenance

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Exterior glass railings can provide a sense of elegance and wonder to your property that you just can't find otherwise. When these glass railings are installed and designed by professionals like Pacific Rim Sundecks Ltd, you owe it to yourself and to your property to keep these railings as clean as possible and in pristine condition through maintenance. To learn a few pointers about how to maintain these glass railings, read below and apply these four valuable guidelines. 

Get Tough On Rain Spots By Acting Quickly

While rain showers are much needed for your property, they can leave little deposits all over your glass railings that can make them an eyesore. For this reason, you need to be sure that you are thoroughly spraying down your glass railing with dish soap and water, or a dish soap and lemon oil solution after every single rain to avoid these deposits from setting in. You don't have to be meticulous about scrubbing and cleaning with these after rain sessions — simply spray them down and wipe away excess water so that you prevent spots from manifesting all over your glass railing.

Remove Bird Droppings Before They Create Serious Damage

Birds can be the worst thing for your glass railing if you let them. As soon as you spot bird droppings, always attempt to clean it before it is allowed to dry on the surface. Invest in a quality sponge and spot treat these bird droppings, careful not to dab, not scrub, as hard scrubbing can lead to scratches.

Use Vinegar And Water

Since your glass railing is sensitive, you should use natural products whenever possible. Invest in several bottles of natural white vinegar and dilute them so that the bottle is half vinegar and half water. You can use this vinegar and water solution to spot treat, clean or soak your glass railing, so that it stays spotless and pristine. The vinegar is tough enough to get out stains, but not so tough that it damages your glass.

Hire A Pro For The Best Maintenance

If you would like to get the constant and thorough maintenance and cleanings that you need, perhaps the best step to take is to hire a professional. These pros will understand how to make your glass shine at its best and can take some serious work off of your plate. Shop around for glass experts who know how to not only handle thorough cleaning, but to fix things like cracks, scratches and chips. 

Keep these four tips in your back pocket and use them frequently to get the best performance out of your exterior glass railings.