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4 Cool Options For Resurfacing Your Pool

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Over time, as the finish of your pool is exposed to elements and chlorine, it will begin to become pitted and worn down. This means your pool will not only not look as nice as it used to, but it will also be harder to keep it clean and it may even start leaking water. Luckily, there are some great options for resurfacing your pool and getting it back to tip-top shape: 


Pebble pool surfaces are beautiful to look at and create a cool, earthy ambience. If you want your pool to look like a Caribbean lagoon, a pebble surface is probably the option for you. In addition to being nice to look at, pebble pool surfaces are very durable and strong. They can be a bit rough on the bottom of your feet, however, which you may want to keep in mind especially if you have children or elderly family members who will be enjoying the swimming pool. 


Pool tiles are smooth to the touch, and easy to keep clean and maintain. They're also incredibly versatile when it comes to the appearance of your pool, since they can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and designs. Everything from simple neutral colored tiles to colorful mosaics are possible when you opt for tile resurfacing.


Concrete is a popular option for pool resurfacing because it's extremely strong and lasts a long time. Even if it becomes damaged at some point, the damaged area can quickly be repaired with new concrete. Concrete pool floors and walls are smoothed over after they are poured and before they dry, to provide a comfortable finish. While many people keep their concrete pool surface as is, you can also hire a pool contractor (such as one from Pro West Pools & Construction Ltd) to paint the concrete after it dries, giving you some flexibility when it comes to the look of your swimming pool.


Another popular pool resurfacing option is plaster. While plaster is not quite as durable as the other options on the list, it is usually the most affordable. It will chip and peel over time, but can often be repaired just in the spot that is peeling. Sometimes the plaster is mixed with quartz, which provides a lovely reflective quality to the plaster and also helps make it more durable and stain-resistant.

Call a qualified pool contractor today to discuss these pool resurfacing options and determine which one is best for you.