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Repainting Your Window Frames? 3 Tips To Get You Started

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Giving your window frames a fresh coat of paint can be a fantastic way to update them, giving any room in your home a new look. In order for the paint to be applied properly and for the results to look as great as possible, it is vital that you look into what kinds of steps you can take to help avoid potential damage to the window frames and make sure that the project is done seamlessly.

Before taking out a paint brush and getting started, consider the following ideas when you plan on handling all of the painting on your own.

Use a Fine Sandpaper to Buff Out Scratches

The best way to get started when painting the frames of your home's windows is using sandpaper to get rid of any scratches that could be a problem. If you are uncertain if there is any lasting damage on your window frames, you can take a close look for any splintered pieces of wood and use a fine piece of sandpaper to buff out any inconsistencies in the frame.

Follow Up with a Putty Knife to Clean the Frames

After buffing out scratches and chips with sandpaper, you should follow up with a putty knife that can reach in deep and clear up any larger blemishes on the window frames. Running a putty knife over the window frame—especially around the corners, can help remove some of the imperfections so that you can apply a smooth coat of paint after.

Line the Windows with Painters Tape

The easiest way to get your windows painted beautifully is through using painters tape to line the windows evenly. With painters tape applied carefully around the corners and straight lines around your windows, you can make sure that the paint stays where it should and that you do not need to follow up with extensive touch-ups later.

As you prepare for painting the window frames in your home, there are a number of things that you will need to do to make sure that the painting goes smoothly. If you are still uncertain about painting the frames on your own due to concerns that you may not do it properly, consider the cost and benefits of hiring professionals instead.

With professional painters repainting your window frames, you can be confident that the job is done right and that the windows look as good as new afterwards. 

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