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Choosing the Right Lot for Your Manufactured Home

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Opting to invest in a manufactured home can be a great way to get a home that is ready to move into quickly. Before you can start moving into your new manufactured home, you will need to find a parcel of land where the home can be set up.

Finding the perfect lot can be a challenge, but here are three things to keep in mind as you look at potential properties to ensure the setting up of your new manufactured home goes smoothly.

1. Don't just consider the lot, take the route to the lot into account as well.

Manufactured homes are constructed in a factory and delivered as a whole to the property where you want your new home to be set up. Due to the size of the home once construction has been completed, transporting the structure to a new lot can be challenging.

As you evaluate potential parcels of property to invest in, be sure that you are looking at the routes leading to the property. Check to ensure that low-hanging power lines and tree branches will not impede the delivery of your new home, and you will eliminate some of the stress associated with setting up a manufactured home.

2. Factor development costs into the purchase price.

If price is a factor that you will be using to make a final decision when it comes to purchasing a parcel of land for your manufactured home, be sure that you are taking development costs into consideration.

In addition to the sale price of a lot, you need to find out how much it will cost to run utilities from city connections to your new home once it has been delivered. Some lots come with these development tasks already completed, which can make them more affordable in the long run, even if the initial purchase price of the lot is higher than an undeveloped property.

3. Proximity to the manufacturing site.

If you are trying to keep costs low, you may want to look for properties that are located near the factory where your manufactured home will be built. The closer your parcel of land is to the factory, the cheaper it will be to move your manufactured home to its final destination.

Delivery charges can add up quickly if you must transport your new home a great distance, so be sure that you are taking delivery distance into consideration as you look for potential parcels of land to purchase.

Finding the right lot for your manufactured home doesn't have to be impossible. Keep the delivery route, development costs, and proximity to the factory in mind, and you will be able to find an affordable lot that meets your needs. When looking for a manufactured home set up service, consider looking into the websites of local specialist, such as http://www.hartmodularhomes.ca, to check out all your options.