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Stylish Ideas For Updating A Deck Railing

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A railing is necessary for your deck, of course. Not only does it provide protection for upper level decks, but it helps delineate your space. However, utilitarian railings aren't always the most attractive addition to your deck. Whether you're building a new deck or remodeling an existing one, update the look with a stylish railing.

Curved Metal

Metal rods are a common style of deck railing. Straight rods can create some pattern to the overall facade. Such railings typically consist of the rods between wood or composite boards. Instead of the typical straight rods, consider selecting curvilinear rods instead. These rods feature a graceful curve that add classic style to your deck. You can also have them powder coated black, white or even a brighter colour.

Cable Rail and Wood

Another material that matches well with wood or composite is cable rail. Cable rails are actual metal cables that contractors string between the posts. Usually the posts themselves as well as the handrails are made of wood, though metal is possible. As the Landscaping Network points out, cable rails offer the added bonus of disappearing into the landscape, so the view takes center stage. This type of railing works best with modern or other minimalist architecture.

Lattice Screens

On the other end of the visual spectrum, you could select lattice rails and screens for your deck. Wooden lattice is a common choice for deck railing, one that adds visual interest to the space. You could also use lattice screens for privacy or further delineate spaces. What's more, your lattice screen is useful when constructed as part of an outdoor kitchen because you can hang containers for your implements from the lattice. A lattice screen is also a good way to hide a work space without erecting a wall.

Bronze Patina

Another option for adding visual interest to your view is selecting bronze deck railings. This is especially flattering if your house is in a modern style. The bronze can come in the typical rod style, or you can select grid railings. For this style, consider adding a strip of bronze flashing below the railing itself. Over time, the whole façade will develop an attractive patina that adds beauty to your deck.

Craftsman Style

For more traditional or historical style homes, a pretty Craftsman style railing is a good option. Usually made of wood or composite, a Craftsman railing features slats or furniture-style spindles. You can have them installed close together for a solid look or farther apart for less visual impact. This type of railing looks especially charming painted white, though natural wood is also attractive.

Make your deck the highlight of your home with stylish railings. For more information, contact companies like ABCO Waterproofing & Sundecks.