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Pool Deck Redesigning For Personal Space, Private Islands, And Distancing

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Design-forward hotels and resorts are exploring innovative ways to create more space for guests in the era of social distancing. Your pool area, where guests spend the most time comingling, can be easily upgraded with some creative design thinking.

If your commercial pool deck is ready for an upgrade, it's an opportune time to redesign your deck to provide guests with more space and even their own private islands.

Expanding Space and Entranceways

Hotel guests place a lot of value on the pool area when deciding among hotels. They may pass much of their vacation time lounging on the pool deck.

If you have the land, expanding the area of the pool deck can create more personal space and a grander appearance. Adding more activities over a larger deck space can also provide more distancing opportunities. Some ideas of activities that can be added include separate areas for:

  • jacuzzis
  • children's pools 
  • bars 

A deck redesign can increase the value of your hotel. You may also want to consider incorporating landscape design elements. 

Adding Multi-Level Pool Deck Areas

If space is limited, adding multiple levels to a pool deck provides guests with their own private islands. Raised decks become private spaces when adding:

  1. A gazebo. Large double lounge chairs with a separate gazebo overhead is another way hotels are creating private space.
  2. Lounge chairs and umbrellas. Limiting the deck chairs to two or three indicates to guests that these are private lounging areas.
  3. Around the bar area, two chairs on either side of a table.

Multi-levels will make your pool area look more luxurious and exclusive. 

Connecting Spaces With Walkways and Bridges 

Adding more entranceways, walkways, and bridges will allow guests to directly access separate lounging areas without having to pass through a crowded deck. A bridge across a pool could lead to a bar area, jacuzzi, or garden area.

Dividing Spaces With Design Elements 

Water jets on the pool deck divide space while blending into the environment. These glistening arcs are an elegant design element that can help raise the value of your property. Other ways to break up space are plants and planters, waterfalls, and screens. 

When redesigning your commercial pool deck, designing for divergence and convergence will create a visually appealing and connected space. Diverging pathways lead guests to separate spaces that respect social distancing. While convergence ensures design elements create an integrated, cohesive space. While distancing, guests want to feel connected to the space and social experience. 

For more information, reach out to a professional who creates commercial pool decks