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5 Custom Luxury Home Design Elements For Nature Lovers

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If you're a nature lover, you may miss the foliage and sunshine in winter when outdoor living is more difficult to accomplish. Here are five custom home design elements to help you bring nature inside your home year-round.

1. Enclosed Trees

Some luxury homes can be built with a living tree trunk right in the middle of a room. You can have your home designed with a clear enclosure around the tree so the tree has plenty of breathing room and doesn't introduce extra moisture into your living space.

If you'd like to enclose an existing tree in your new custom home, be sure to choose a long-lived, structurally stable tree so it won't fall over.

2. Sunroom or Conservatory

A sunroom or conservatory can be a great way for nature lovers to enjoy the sunshine and tend plants even in the winter. In fact, a well-designed conservatory may even allow you to grow tropical plants in a non-tropical climate. You can build your conservatory with high-end environmental controls to closely replicate the environment that your tropical plants need to thrive.

3. Green Roof or Walls

A green roof, also called a living roof, is one that intentionally has plants growing on it. Typically, this type of roof will require extra-thick waterproofing materials, over which your contractor will lay a substrate material that plants can take root in. Low-growing plants that prevent the growing medium from eroding are often used for a green roof.

While a green roof can help your home blend in with nature, a green wall may afford you more day-to-day enjoyment. A green wall is one entirely planted with a vertical garden and can be installed indoors or outside. If you have one installed indoors, consider placing it in a spot where you can enjoy it while you relax after a long day.

4. Home Observatory

If you're interested in both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial nature, a home observatory is a must. Designing your custom home with a dome that allows you to observe the night sky can bring all the fun of astronomical observation right into your own home. You can also design your home with a freestanding observatory that is separate from the rest of the structure if you prefer.

5. Indoor Pond

While it's not a common feature, an indoor pond could be a wonderful spot for nature lovers to relax. It will probably be a very small pond since a 10-acre pond won't fit in your house, but you can still keep water plants, a few fish, and maybe even other pond animals like turtles in the pond.

You'll want to locate your indoor pond in a spot with lots of natural lighting (such as your conservatory) so that you don't have to install harsh, artificial lighting to keep the plants and animals healthy.

These are just a few luxury elements you can discuss with your custom luxury home builder to bring the outdoors into your custom home.