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5 Custom Luxury Home Design Elements For Nature Lovers

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If you’re a nature lover, you may miss the foliage and sunshine in winter when outdoor living is more difficult to accomplish. Here are five custom home design elements to help you bring nature inside your home year-round. 1. Enclosed Trees Some luxury homes can be built with a living tree trunk right in the middle of a room. You can have your home designed with a clear enclosure around the tree so the tree has plenty of breathing room and doesn’t introduce extra moisture into your living space. Read More»

Pool Deck Redesigning For Personal Space, Private Islands, And Distancing

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Design-forward hotels and resorts are exploring innovative ways to create more space for guests in the era of social distancing. Your pool area, where guests spend the most time comingling, can be easily upgraded with some creative design thinking. If your commercial pool deck is ready for an upgrade, it’s an opportune time to redesign your deck to provide guests with more space and even their own private islands. Expanding Space and Entranceways Read More»

The Advantages Of Getting A Privacy Fence Installed

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If you’ve recently moved to a new home in the city, you may miss all the privacy you had out in the country. Unless you have a privacy fence around your backyard, your neighbors can watch everything you do outside when you live so close together. When it comes to privacy fences, wood is a popular choice, and wood is an attractive addition to your yard. Here are some reasons to have a privacy fence installed. Read More»

Two Tips For Getting The Most From Your New Kitchen Cabinets

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When you are going through the process of redesigning your kitchen, choosing the perfect cabinets can be one of the most important choices during this process. This is especially true when you consider the sizable investment needed to buy new cabinets and the role that they will play in your kitchen. Not surprisingly, there are many people that may want to consider installing custom cabinets, and these two tips may help those that are considering this cabinet option. Read More»

Stylish Ideas For Updating A Deck Railing

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A railing is necessary for your deck, of course. Not only does it provide protection for upper level decks, but it helps delineate your space. However, utilitarian railings aren’t always the most attractive addition to your deck. Whether you’re building a new deck or remodeling an existing one, update the look with a stylish railing. Curved Metal Metal rods are a common style of deck railing. Straight rods can create some pattern to the overall facade. Read More»