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How to Make an Old Wrought Iron Swing Look Like New

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If you are looking to make a quick and easy improvement to your yard while providing you and your loved ones with a place to sit, relax, and hang out during the spring and summer, you should consider investing in a nice, wrought-iron swing. Wrought iron swings look nice, can last for many years, and can match just about any outdoor living area, but they can be costly. You can always invest in an older model that you purchase used and fix it up to make it look like new again. Read More»

How To Repair Dents In A Metal Garage Door

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If you have a metal garage door, there may come a time when you have some dents in it that you want to fix. In most cases, the dents are small enough to repair on your own with basic home supplies. Here are instructions for repairing these small dents. Gather Your Supplies To repair a dent in your garage door, you need a few different supplies. Make a list before you begin so you can have what you need before you start the project. Read More»

Six Ways To Save Money On Your Kitchen Cabinets

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If you’ve been considering remodeling your kitchen, you know that cabinets can eat up a large portion of your budget. Fortunately, there are ways to keep the amount you spend on cabinets in check…if you know where to look. Ways to save on kitchen cabinets 1. Have your cabinets refaced instead of replaced. Replacing the doors and the edges that face out on your cabinets, called refacing, can give your kitchen an entire new look at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire cabinets. Read More»

The Energy-Saving Benefits Of Window Film Vs. Thermal Curtains

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Windows are the achilles heel of your heating system. As fast as your furnace can create heat, your windows can allow that heat to leak right out of your house. Even if you have double-pane windows, you are not getting the full insulating benefits that you should. Thus, you need to find ways to improve your windows’ heat retention. Thermal curtains are one answer that can help to reduce your utility costs, and window films are another. Read More»

Revamp Your Backyard And Entertain

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If you have purchased a home with an old damaged deck, no landscaping, and no space to entertain, you need to make over your backyard. The backyard should be your private oasis, not a place you’re embarrassed to show people. There are a few changes you can make to create an entertaining area where you can spend family time, and have friends over with pride. Here are a few practical things you want to consider adding to your yard. Read More»